Black Milk
Becoming Mona
Black Milk
Kampai! Sake Sisters
My Father Is An Airplane
Nr. 10
Life is what happens when you stop living someone else’s and start living your own. An emotionally-charged tragicomic journey of courage, forgiveness and self-discovery, BECOMING MONA tells a story in three parts of Mona’s struggle to break free from the stifling constraints of a life lived in the service of other people’s egos.
Two sisters meet again after decades of separation. At a young age Wessi moved to Germany, while Ossi stayed in Mongolia. Their world is turned upside down when Wessi returns to the Gobi Desert. Even after all these years the bond between both sisters has remained strong but the culture clash is causing tension. Wessi immediately wants to fully participate in the harsh nomadic life and admires Ossi’s everyday skills. Ossi, on the other hand, seems overwhelmed by Wessi’s modern attitude towards life and is even more unsettled when she realizes her sister is falling in love with the older neighbor. Wessi is desperate for his love and, as the rebel of the family, does not care about the traditions she didn‘t grew up with. A fight for love and recognition begins.
An intimate look into the lives of three passionate women who are shaking up and thriving in the once male-dominated world of sake. Together, their stories offer captivating insight into how women in Japan are transforming ancient traditions and contribute to shaping a new era of sake.
37 years after her daughter Mitra was executed in Iran and she fled her home country, Haleh leads a successful life as a renowned academic in the Netherlands. Her peaceful existence is shaken by the arrival of a woman she believes may be the traitor responsible for Mitra's death. But the woman, now herself a loving mother and newly arrived to the Netherlands, does not seem to recognize Haleh and takes comfort in her company. As Haleh finds herself growing closer to the woman and her daughter, she is torn between doubt and revenge.
When Eva’s mother unexpectedly dies, the life of Eva turns out to be built on secrets and lies. The fear of losing her mind, just like her father who has been living in a mental facility for many years, becomes more and more threatening and Eva starts a quest for her past to face her demons.
When director Karl discovers Günter’s secret affair with his wife Isabel he squares him off against fellow actor Julius and gradually diminishes Günter's role in the play. On the night of the premiere, during the opening scene, Günter ruthlessly takes his revenge on Julius. Kicked off the play, out of his home and dumped by Isabel, all roads lead Günter to Germany, where the truth of his mysterious past will be exposed.