Mi Vida
Kampai! Sake Sisters
Director: Alex van Warmerdam
Producers: Graniet Film (NL), Czar Film (BE), Ma.Ja.De Film (DE)
Genre: Drama
Origin: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
Language: Dutch, German, English
Year: 2020
No. 10

At age four, Günter was found while roaming a forest in Germany and subsequently grew up in a foster home. Four decades later his life is normal: he makes a living as a stage actor, spends time with his daughter Lizzy and is involved with his director’s wife. Events take a turn when Günter meets a mysterious man and starts to dream about his mother. Lured by the promise to find out more about her, Günter accepts an invitation to visit a church deep inside the forest where he was found. To his surprise, Günter discovers an entirely different set of rooms located underneath the church and, stranger still, he recognizes them from his dreams.